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Unpaid People on Your List

When you publish a page you can then go to the list and add people as unpaid. This functionality is used to help organizers project the total number of people on the list and how much they will likely collect.

When someone comes to your page and goes through the checkout process we will try to match them up to their record on the list if they are there. If we find a potential match, we ask the them if they are the person we found on the list. Each person has the option to say "that's me" or let us know they are not the person we found.  

In the case where the person is not on the list, we then create a new unpaid person on the list with their first name, last name, email (optional) and anything they choose in the registration form. We then keep track of any questions they answer. If they checkout online or mark themselves paid offline we will mark them as paid. If they don't finalize the checkout we keep them on the list as unpaid. Here are the reasons why we do this:
  1. You can project that person and their detail in the list.
  2. You know that they started the checkout and didn't complete it.
  3. You can use the "Notify" feature to ask them to come back and checkout in the future.
  4. If they come back later we will match them back up to their existing record so it will be easier for them to just edit their information instead of starting over.
Projecting people on your list is has great benefits for organizers.

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