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Organizing a Bachelor Party on Facebook

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties are fun. Ordering and organizing all of the balloons, confetti, piñatas, and little pointy hats can get expensive, fast. (Yeah, we keep it pretty clean over here at PayIt2.) Either way: Planning and executing a successful party that everyone will remember (or forget) can be easy with PayIt2. We’ll show you how to use Facebook to keep in contact with the party members and stay organized.

  1. Create Your Page on PayIt2
  2. Make the Link “Private”
  3. Send with Facebook Messenger to Attendees

Here are some details:

1. Create your PayIt2 Page

New Event Registration Online

New Collect Money Page

Here are a few things to consider:

You might want to suck up the fees. Our organizers tell us that getting people to register online right away is hard enough. Tack on an extra $2-3 to the price for “fees” to everyone and you’ll come out ahead.
Explain the costs – Show an itemized breakdown of what the costs are. Party-goers like to see what you’ll be spending their money on. 

Fill out the rest of the information as you wish, and click “Save & Done”

2. Make the link private

Making the collect page private will ensure those you invite come to the party. If you are hosting an “open bachelor party” you may skip this step.

Open up “Advanced Settings” and click “Is this Collect Page Private” and you’ll be greeted with this box.

Bachelor Party Advanced Settings

You can change the code to say anything you want! Feel free to get creative.

3. Post the Link in a Facebook Message

Add your attendees names to the 'TO:' field. These will be your guests to the party. Don’t forget to add the private code (if you used one).

Send Facebook Invite


Remember, if you have any questions, we're here to help.

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