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Organizing a Class Reunion on Facebook

Yes, you read that right. There is a best way to organize a class reunion on Facebook. You’re looking at it.

Use PayIt2 to organizer your class reunion on Facebook, and you’ll be looking like Class President material. Prom King or Queen, even. Now they’ll know what they were missing out on.

You don’t need to be nominated to get started, just follow these simple steps. Who’s “Most Likely to Organize Class Reunions”? You are.

Step 1: Set Up a Facebook Page for your Class

Consider this the lunchroom. Your Facebook Page will serve as the command center of the social scene of your class. When you, your co-organizers, or classmates publish information to the page’s wall, classmates who liked your page will see the status updates in their news feed. Don’t show off too much with the name, keeping it simple will make it easier for your classmates to find you in their search. Try something like: Payit High Class of 1994.

While you’re busy building your virtual stomping grounds, invite a few classmates to be administrators of the page with you. A little help can’t hurt, right?

Step 2: Set Up a Facebook Event for your reunion from your new Facebook Page

Now comes the fun part, the party! Creating a Facebook Event builds anticipation for your reunion, kind of like whispers of Stacy’s parents being out of town did back in high school. Name it something simple like Payit High Class of 1994 20th Reunion. Invite your classmates to join the Facebook event to connect them to information about then When and Where’s, as well as an exclusive invite to the PayIt2 account page you’ll be making in Step 3.

Step 3: Setup a PayIt2 page to collect money and information about attendees

Now is the moment all you cool kids have been waiting for…creating your PayIt2 page.

  1. Start by logging in, or signing up if you haven’t already.
  2. Then, click Get Started.
  3. Select “Event” as your Page Type.
  4. Here you’ll be able to personalize your page. Here’s what’s on your to-do list:
    • Add basic information: Title, Time, Location, Etc. (If you don’t have this info yet, no problem, you can always come back and add details later)
    • Add a picture and pick a color scheme
    • Add collect options. Here’s where you’ll create exactly what attendees will be paying for. Add what they’ll be paying for, (Ticket, Open Bar Wristband, etc.) and how much it will cost. *Screenshot* Also, check out the Additional Options offered on this page. You can specify whether attendees can bring guests and set a deadline for registration. Here you can also add custom questions, where you can ask for T-shirt sizes, dinner menu choices, and other information.
  5. Be sure to click SAVE. Now click “View Page”. There you have it, your PayIt2 page.
Step 4: Connecting your PayIt2 page to your class Facebook Page

To bring it full circle, connect your new PayIt2 page to the first Facebook page that you created in Step 1. In our case, this would be the Payit High Class of 1994 page (Make sure you’re logged in as this page). Follow this cheat-sheet to do accomplish this:

Ready to add PayIt2 to your Facebook Page? Just click this link to add PayIt2 to your Facebook Tab.
After you have added this, go to your Facebook page then click on the new tab with the PayIt2 logo. Enter the last 5 digits of the link of the PayIt2 you want to display (your Collect Page Number), and you’re good to go!

Step 5: Post a link to the Collect Page tab on your Reunion Event Timeline

Keep in mind that your classmates might not be as party planning savvy as you are. Be a friend and post a status update to the Payit High Class of 1994 Reunion event timeline to help them out. Make sure to include a link to the event page to the PayIt2 tool you added to your Payit High Class of 1994 page.

There you have it, your very own PayIt2 class reunion page. You deserve a virtual nomination for both Class President and Prom King/Queen.

Remember, if you have any questions, we're here to help.

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