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Managing My List

What is your Manage List Page?

Your Manage List page is a tool that allows you to take charge of your fundraiser, event, or group payment.  


First stop, the People Tab. This is where you get started gathering your crew.

Each title categorizes the “status” of people that you’re adding to your Manage List. We’ll separate it into account type so you’ve got a better idea of what they mean.


Event:                  On The List- People invited to your Collect Page that haven’t made moves yet.

                             RSVP’s / Unconfirmed- People down to party, but haven’t paid yet.

                             Registered / Confirmed- People down to party that have paid and are IN!

                             Declined- People whoare missing out (AKA party poopers).


Group Pay:         Unpaid- People you invited who owe you money.

                             Paid- People who are all paid up.

                             Declined- People who chickened out.


Fundraiser:         On The List- People invited to your Collect Page that haven’t made moves yet.

                             Pledged- People who are promising to donate, but aren’t ready to pay just yet.

                             Donated- People who are kind & giving and donated to your cause.

                             Declined- People who are (foolishly) not interested in participating.


Now that you’ve been introduced, let’s chat about the tools that you can use to take charge of your Manage List.

List Actions

Once you’ve got your crew assembled and identified, you’ll have a chance to use some tools that are a HUGE help when working with your Manage List.

Notify Unconfirmed People- Consider this your “nudge” tool. This creates an email to the list of the people who are still “unconfirmed”. Here, you create a message that reminds them to take action (RSVP, make payment, donate, etc.)

Email People Shown in the List- Your “shoutout” tool. This allows you to email everyone on the list no matter their status. This is good for additional info, reminders, or announcements that you need to share with your crew.

Export to Excel- Pretty self-explanatory, ridiculously underestimated. This tool takes your list and ALL of the info associated with them and pulls it into an Excel spreadsheet. Pro tip: Nobody’s too cool to appreciate a great spreadsheet.

Hide Details/Show All Details- Remember when you were a kid, and you’d open and close something really fast, and your parents would tell you to stop? We’re not gonna do that. Hide Details shows just the main information of a person on your list. Show All Details spreads the list to display information like when they paid, their transaction ID, and other notes that may have been included when they submitted their payment.


Summary Tab

Next stop, the Summary Tab. Here you’ve got, you guessed it, a summary of the items that people are purchasing on your PayIt2 account. Also, if you added any questions, you can see a complied list of those answers too. We’ll keep the summary short (pun intended) and move on to the final tab.



On the Share Tab, you’ve got all the tools to make your Collect Page go viral. You can share via Facebook and Twitter, send out an email with the link, or add the collect page into your website. 

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